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Music eBook Preparation

Lyrical Applications can turn your music into eBooks in both Apple iBooks and Amazon Kindle Reader formats.

We can take your music score in LilyPond, Finale, or Sibelius format and generate the files you need to submit your work to Amazon and Apple for online publication. We produce your book in both large-note and standard-note editions.

We charge a flat fee of $99 per music score for this service.

We will also add your composition to our ScoreMaestro™ inventory of music scores available as a ScoreMaestro in-app purchase. You will receive 20% of the title price for each sale through ScoreMaestro. See the SCOREMAESTRO link at the top of this page for more information.

Music Score Engraving

Lyrical Applications can take your score in printed or hand-written format and digitally engrave the music ourselves. We can then prepare the engraved score for publication with Apple and Amazon.

Pricing for engraving varies, based on the music score. Contact us at to:ebooks@scoremaestro.com?Subject=Price%20Quote">ebooks@scoremaestro.com for price quotes.

Samples of our Work