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We are Lyrical Applications LLC, and we specialize in products and services that provide musicians with a practical way to use digital sheet music in vocal and piano performances. Our four founders include an experienced software developer, a senior project manager, a bank officer, and a classically trained vocal artist with professional performance experience.

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Lyrical Applications currently offers two choices in digital sheet music:

  • eBook Sheet Music, an inventory of vocal and piano music scores that we have repaginated to optimally fit the size of your screen, so that you can easily read your sheet music without having to scroll it.
  • ScoreMaestro™, which not only repaginates your sheet music for easy viewing on your tablet, but also enables you to annotate your music scores and to save and share your annotations with other musicians. You can access our ScoreMaestro website from the link at the top of this page (www.scoremaestro.com).

We also offer the following music eBook services:

  • We can render your digital music scores in eBook format ready to publish as Apple iBooks and Amazon Kindle Books.
  • We can digitally engrave your hand-written and printed music scores to prepare them for publication as eBooks.